Golden Team

The Golden Team (HungarianAranycsapat; also known as the Magical Magyars, the Marvellous Magyars, the Magnificent Magyars, or theMighty Magyars) refers to the Hungary national football team of the 1950s. It is associated with several notable matches, including the "Match of the Century" against England in 1953, and the quarter-final ("Battle of Berne") against Brazil, semi-final (against Uruguay) and final ("Miracle of Berne") of the 1954 FIFA World Cup. The team inflicted notable defeats on then-footballing world powers EnglandUruguayand the Soviet Union, before the 1956 Hungarian Revolution caused the breakup of the side.

Between 1950 and 1956, the team recorded 42 victories, 7 draws and just one defeat, in the 1954 World Cup final against West Germany. Under the Elo rating system they achieved the highest rating so far recorded by a national side (2166 points, June 1954).The team is generally credited for successfully implementing an early form of "Total Football", later used by the Dutch in the 1970s. The team is also generally recognised for introducing new coaching and tactical innovations, which were subsequently adopted throughout the game. It was also considered emblematic of socialist principles and ideals by communist authorities in the propaganda war with the West.

England - Hungary 3:6 (Anglia-Magyarország) Wembley nov. 25 1953

Footballs Greatest - Ferenc Puskas

1953 Friendly ~ England vs Hungary (Full Classic Match)