European Language Courses

We plan to run language courses in all main European languages.
And also we plan parallel courses in several European languages for the same classes to increase their language skills.

One of our school's main pride is going to be the high number of polyglots.
A polyglot is someone who speaks multiple languages.

The world's most talented living (hyper)polyglot is a European - Bulcsú László, a Hungarian-Croatian linguist, writer, translator, information scientist and accentologist, speaks more than 40 languages, including Sumerian, Akkadian, Hittite, Sanskrit... among English, French, German, Latin...

How many languages can be learnt and spoken by a pupil?
(Without any foreign accent.)
Let us see a fascinating example!

How did I become fluent in 11 languages.

Europe and Languages

See below how many language does exist in Europe today!

Population - 728,096,620
Living Languages - 284

Institutional: 81,
Developing: 61,
Vigorous: 45,
In Trouble: 49,
Dying: 48

Languages of Europe

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