We plan twinning with schools in every European countries to help pupils in better understanding each other's life all over Europe.

Twinning gives us a good chance for friendly, or even familiar and uncomparably cheaper visits to all European countries.
Twinning is also a chance to build international relationships and friendship between children across Europe.

See also for example: Frisian visits

Frisian visits

We plan yearly trips to visit Frisian territories where people live speaking the nearest relative of English language.

The saying "As milk is to cheese, are English and Fries" describes the creamy similarity between Frisian and English.

Another rhyme that is sometimes used to demonstrate the palpable similarity between Frisian and English is
"Rye bread, butter and green cheese is good English and good Fries.",
which sounds not tremendously different from
"Brea, bûter en griene tsiis is goed Ingelsk en goed Frysk."

Author ArnoldPlaton, png: Hayden120

Present-day distribution of the Frisian languages in Europe:

  West Frisian
  North Frisian
  Saterland Frisian